We got so many requests for a list of our services that the Services sheet became a smash hit from the start! Here it is again -- updated. Browse through our storehouse of information. We'll be glad to fill your order. Your comments and requests for additional services are welcome.

HSL by Fax.  All 12 pages 10 minutes after HSL is printed! New lower prices: for US/Cda: US$564 or €380 a year. Outside US/Cda: US$219 / €147 or US$133 / €90. (This is of course in addition to your basic HSL subscription rate of $398 or €268 a year).


HSL Gift Subscriptions.  Help your friends or family with a life support system. Or open the eyes of a local editor or your MP, Congressman, Mayor. Send gift subscriptions regularly to those you love or those you wish to enlighten. Gift subs can be of any size (time length) you like. Send US$294 or €198 (8mo), US$398 or €268 (yr), US$686 or €462 (2yr).. We'll send a letter advising them of your generosity. Send the thinking gift, a present that may change their life and ultimately the world. No one ever forgets a gift of HSL.
HSL Back Issues.  Available from 1993 to date only. Parts of HSL are timeless. Philosophy, life, investments, tactics travel, health, basic truths. As available. US$20 or €13 each to subscribers; US$35 or €24 to others.
SOS Warning Service.  Created to give flash warning by fax/telephone/email if a national or global bank 'holiday' (closure) seems imminent in our judgement and from our source information. 3-year SOS membership: US$200 or €135. Hslms only.

Question/Answer Service .  regarding stocks/bonds/futures recommended in HSL. Minimum US$250 or €168 per question. Answers will be technical, not fundamental.
US$250 or
€168: buy/sell?
US$350 or
€236: buy/sell? + recommended price.
US$400 or
€269: buy/sell? + recommended price + stop loss price.
US$600 or
€404: buy/sell? + recommended price + stop + targets.
Payable in advance by cheque or with full credit card details. Questions of pure/true clarification of HSL recommendations: no charge.

Get a complete photocopy set of every article ever written in HSL about miscellaneous subjects of interest as listed below.

PT Set  (PT: Permanent Tourist, Practically Transparent) Read all about privacy and how to become a PT, full-time or part-time. Great for easy reference & eye-opening as a gift for a close friend.
40 pages. US$36 or €24 per set.

Building Wealth Set. HSL's Learning series explaining the specific nuts & bolts of trading/investing. Useful for both old & new investors.
17 pages. US$16 or €11 per set.

Chartwalk Set. Contains the technical secrets of a master-chart analyst—a complete set of reprinted articles on chart inter-retation of stocks, currencies & commodity mkts from this popular HSL series.
39 pages. US$40 or €47 per set.

1984 Set. These articles make a stirring read & useful for planning defence against Big Bureaucracy & the computer society. Perfect to open eyes of innocent friends & youngsters who don't realize Big Brother is all around.
56 pages. US$60 or €40 per set.

Earth Changes Set. Covering the increasing earth changes now occurring and those predicted (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, droughts, tidal waves, tornados, extremes in temperature, rising sea levels, axis shift, etc.).
18 pages. US$17 or €11 per set. Non-current.

God Set. Harry has tackled the subject head-on & with no preaching. Spirituality examined from different angles.
5 pages. US$5 or €3 per set—at our cost.

Europe/Euro/EU Set. HSL was among the first to expose the Euro madness. This set makes it clear why the Euro currency should be called off. Will end in tears.
12 pages. US$10 or €7 per set.

War Set. HSL explains the misreported war blue print in this stunning series.
9 pages. US$25 or €17 per set.

Stash Cash Set. Ideas on why & how of taking cash out of banks in case of any bank closure threat, for whatever reason, in future. Stockpile knowhow.
3 pages. US$5 or €3 per set.

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