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HSL 651 Pg 2/Your Voices
Jim Ehmke writes:
"Dear Unk: Wonderful HSL, simply outstanding in every regard. Loved it all. Like fine wine, U get better. The prior issue was a watershed, but so is this one! Thanks"

Pamela & Mary Anne Aden & team write:
"Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award. U deserve it & so much more!"

HSL 649 Pg 2/Your Voices
Bob Petipas writes:
"Dear Harry, The universe gives us what we think about. U give us a picture of what is. This allows us to form a picture of what it should be. This combined picture + faith gives us hope for the future."

HSL 648 Pg 3/Your Voices
Anon Hslm writes:
"So, HS, the future belongs to the pattern recognizers, the meaning makers the big picture thinkers. That's you! IOW, the recent past was creating info; the future is making sense of it all & giving it meaning-which is what HSL has always done. As usual, U were/are ahead of your time."

HSL 646 Pg 2/Your Voices
Ken Gerbino writes:
"Harry, You are the 8th wonder of the world."

HSL 645 Pg2/Your Voices
Bill Scott writes:
"Be encouraged, secure in the knowledge that U do make a tremendous positive difference in the lives of your subscribers. Be encouraged as U are a plumb line of truth & wisdom in an otherwise crooked world."


HSL 644 Pg 2/Your Voices
L&K, Rusty write:
Dear Uncle Harry, The latest HSL is a huge, glittering diamond! U have been so right on every major prediction-U are amazing…"

HSL 643 Pg 2/Your Voices
Alex Livingstone writes:
"Thanks for paying attention to your clients. Some of us know how U helped us preserve our nest egg of retirement monies-and its purchasing power! Soooo, U see, there is Uncle Sam-who takes, & Uncle Harry-who gives!"

HSL 642 Pg 4/Your Voices
Lyle Knudson writes:
"I should have gone for an HSL life subscription 10-20yrs ago but wasn't sure you could outlive me, knowing I'll only go another 52yrs, to 140, & be shot by a jealous husband."

HSL 640 Pg 3/Your Voices
Trader Vic writes as a message attached to gift sub:
"It's my pleasure & distinct privilege to gift U with a Life Membership to Uncle Harry's most wonderful collection loving, caring & sharing people that U will ever meet in humanoid form. Happy Valentine's Day!"

HSL 639 Pg 2/Your Voices
Vernon Coleman writes"
"…HSL is still far & away the best in the world. U are both the orchestra and the conductor. Every HSL is a geopolitical symphony."


HSL 636 Pg 4/Your Voices
GP writes:
"Uncle Harry: I told a friend 'HSL is about everything that matters' I think I said it all. Thanks."

HSL 634 Pg 2/Your Voices
JC writes:
"Dear Harry: reading HSL the first time was like a tsunami. My life & outlook has transformed radically as a result of your presence in my life. The good U have brought to me & the ripple effect of your work on the planet-are U aware of the magnitude of your gift? I wish I could hug U!"

HSL 633 Pg 3/Your Voices
Watchdog writes:
"Dear Uncle: HSL 632 came in yesterday. What a beautiful, peaceful, gesture U made to the rabid dogs of war. U were a prophet long ago about how this world would be re-made. Also loved your Prayers R Us! Can't wait to re-read HSL a 2nd time."

HSL 632 Pg2/Your Voices
John & Mary Pern write:
"John & I have read the latest HSL cover to cover 3 times and counting. We haven't ever seen anything approaching its level of intelligent analysis & broad-spectrum overview. In a word, balance, which is in short supply."


HSL 629 Pg2/Your Voices
CEO Michael H Levy writes:
"I subscribe to 24 magazines & 26 newsletters plus several services to aid me in my retirement activities. I enclose my renewal check & wish to compliment U on the sole newsletter equal in overall quality to The Economist which I consider the world's best publication of its type (yours is the best newsletter)."

HSL 628 Pg2/Your voices
RR writes:
"Thank U for HSL. U are the greatest! Forget Mohammed Ali U are it."

HSL 627 Pg2/Vox pop
Another newsletter writer (name withheld) writes:
"Please stop writing HSL for 5yrs so the rest of us can catch up with U."

HSL 626 Pg2/Vox pop
Fred Moeller writes:
"Dear Uncle H, I'm a 59yr old teenager & a longtime subscriber. I enjoy your letter beyond all others. Your years have given U a wisdom & perspective that is unmatched."

HSL 625 Pg4/Vox Pop
Dr Lee Nelson MD writes:
"Re last HSL: IMO it's one of your finest. U have a unique ability to present startling concepts that result in a major shift in thinking-leading to a paradigm change…"

HSL 624 Pg6/Vox pop
Arthur Hailey writes:
"I greatly admired HSL623, especially pages 1-3 & 12, col. 1, all of which provide an eloquent & succinct summary of the present & perverted communications scene. It's one of the best things you have done and I hope it is being circulated widely, beyond your regular subscribers."

HSL 623 Pg7/Vox
Preston Henn writes:
"I've been an HSL subscriber and fan for over 20yrs. In the last big gold run up I called U many times & was in & out of the mkt. Just before it was predicted gold would hit $1000, U told me to wait about getting back in. U called me later at Aspen & told me to stay out. It saved me a million $'s. Now I'd like to take you to the best restaurant at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix…"

HSL 622 P2/Vox
Ed Lee writes:
"God Bless the day we met U! What an incredible issue U just sent to the world. It should be must reading in the White House & all gov't offices!


HSL 621 Pg3/Vox
Stefan Gomoll writes:
"If U learn to read between the lines of HSL, U will double your intake."

HSL 620 Pg3/Vox
Joan Z. Steinbrenner writes:
"Thank heavens for people like Harry who are able to send the actual news to the world, & yet do it in a happy way."

HSL 619 Pg2/Vox
George Byers writes:
"Your long-range views are our telescope to bring reality into sharp focus."

HSL 618 Pg4/Vox pop
Dr Ken Thomson writes:
"HSL does not lack for ideological bite & purpose."

HSL 616 Pg5/Vox
Peter Froehlich writes:
"I'm a lost sheep returning to the fold. One factor was my professional money mgr lost me money."

HSL 615 Pg3/Vox
Joseph O'Keefe writes:
"I love reading HSL, the 'sense of life' that Harry excels at, I'll continue to recommend you to friends."

HSL 614 Pg3/Vox
Scott Tips, frequent flyer/PT/lawyer writes:
"U write about the loyalty of HSL lifetime subscribers and tout them as cream of subs. I respectfully disagree. I submit to U that a 1-time check is less compelling a sign of commitment than those of us who year after year re-subscribe because we freely choose to do so. I've paid a lifetime subscription a few times over in singles! I've subscribed 21 times. Surely continued and repeated annual re-commitments to HSL are the highest form of loyalty. We could walk anytime, but we don't. That's loyalty. Please give us our due!"


HSL 613 Pg5/Vox
Lifetime Landis Haugen writes:
"Sir, your newsletter continues to lift me to the point of feeling let down when I'm finished reading. The remedy of course is to read it again & again & then look forward to the next issue."

HSL 612 Pg6/Vox
Dr Mark Holmes writes:
"My father subscribed to HSL in the 70's, & I watched him lose his entire bankroll after…he didn't heed your advice."

HSL 608 Pg4/Vox pop
Michael Stennicke of Advantage Corp Switzerland writes:
"HSL is the most brightsighted newsletter in the world."

HSL 606 Pg4/Vox pop
FL reader Ted Ryan writes:
"HSL eclipses the others. HSL makes a great birthday present. HSL is the gift that grows minds."


HSL 605 Pg6/Vox pop
Roger & Mary Carson write:
"HSL has become our constant companion wherever we are & we continue implementing your sound mkt & PT advice. We're amazed at both your accuracy & insight as to what is really going on the world. HSL is worth every penny. It's a complicated world & thanks to your efforts we can hopefully circumnavigate the rocks."

HSL 603 Pg2/Vox
JR writes:
"Keep up your wonderful style of expression. HSL continues to get better."

HSL 602 Pg2 C2/Vox Pop
Chris G writes:
"Glad I found HSL. I really needed a letter that gave a broader picture of the world. I have one complaint: HSL is too short!"

BK writes:
"Dear Trail Blazer: HSL is like the Bible. U can read it over & over & U see new revelations each time."


HSL 585 Pg3 C2/Poll
JB of France writes:
" I most like your coverage of everything that's an antidote to the unceasing hype & misinformation of the media."


HSL 571 Pg2 C1/Vox pop
George & Betty Stoll of 4R's School write:
"Dear Uncle Harry, You are so right to encourage int'l travel as the prime survival priority for the wise. The PT lifestyle should no longer be postponed. Only after one is able to be at home anywhere in the world on a moments notice is there time to relax, & not really, not even then. In our Flint School the cadets learned that you can't do it when you have to do it if you don't do it all the time! We'd far rather plan our own travel than be taken for a ride by the govt. You can't look at the govt for anything moral. It would be a contradiction in terms."

HSL 569 Pg3 C1/Vox pop
Kate Hershler of Calif writes:
"Just wanted to thank you for the great profits from your futures recommendations. I've subbed to various fax services over the years & the net result was nothing but losses."

HSL 567 Pg3 C1/Vox pop
Friends of the Americas children's charity writes:
"Thank you for mentioning our work in your Christmas newsletter & urging people to support us. You have made it possible for us to bring life-giving assistance to thousands in Latin America. Your regular monthly pledge is important to our work & always makes a difference."


HSL 566 Pg2 C1/Vox pop
RD writes:
"Thanks for the high tech stocks sell tip! You were a few weeks ahead of the event, which should have given your readers time enough to get out. I did & thanks. Here's my check for 4 more years of your tips. HSL is, in effect, free."

HSL 565 pg2 C2/Vox pop
Betty Hanchett (Wysong Health Letter) writes:
"We appreciate HSL & recommend you as #1 to our customers. In your last issue you said Health Books are always welcome. Here you are."

HSL 564 Pg2 C1/Vox pop
JKP of Chicago writes:
"How did you know when the bond market was a sell? Congratulations on another classic call."

HSL 562 Pg2 C2/Vox pop
Zulu Chief Buthelezi Inkatha Freedom Party writes:
"I was most grateful, again, for your generous donation to IFP. It went a very long way for we are a very poor party most of whose members comprise the poorest of the poor. Our opposition (ANC) is awash with money & their leaders get accolades, often accompanied by a largesse. It does not seem as if the ASNC wants to reach a National consensus on the Constitution. They seem to want a Constitution written on the basis of majoritarianism."

HSL 561 Pg2 C1/Vox pop
Reader James Dragun writes:
"Your advice on which commodities to avoid was excellent. You did it again! I took 1994 record of a prominent trader & found if followed your advice he would have eliminated 90% of his losing trades."

HSL 560 Pg4 C2/Vox pop
Hslm writes:
"Just finished my first (of many) reads of HSL 559. I think it's the best ever seen! Your probable pain & agony, in writing is the reader's delight. School children should embroider your article headed 'North' on samplers."


HSL 558 Pg2/C2 Vox pop
Faithful readers Ann & Gene Halliday write:
"Happy birthday dear friend. We've been friends (by mail) since the mid-1960s. You've made our life much happier with your expertise/guidance. It's difficult to keep good friends but you are the one who never lets us down & comes back to visit again & again, & one we look forward to each time HSL comes. Stay well, dear friend, for we know not who else to turn to for sound advice, so straightforward, sensible & world encompassing as our HSL. The best investment we ever made was our lifetime subscription! We've given a few gift subscriptions & will again. Keep those happy days rolling. We love you for always. God bless."

HSL 557 Pg2/C2 Vox pop
Leon Richardson, Hong Kong (author, newspaper columnist & radio broadcaster) writes:
"I've just read HSL 556. I was totally mesmerised even the third time I read it. The wide range you cover in a brilliant way is totally unprecedented. I scan most newsletters for possible interesting topics. HSL I read word for word, every sentence at least 3 times. It's the finest newsletter today."

HSL 555 Pg3/C1 Vox pop
Bea Thompson from Tasmania writes:
"No one knows what's going on in the world unless they subscribe to your letter."

HSL 553 Pg3/C1 Vox pop
CK writes:
"It's so refreshing to read a newsletter, surely the only one, who never says 'our' govt or 'our' currency, 'our' exports, etc, ad nauseum, as if only their country mattered. HSL is truly neutral & stateless, waves no flag & gives only objective advice & comment, as far as I can tell."

HSL 552 Pg3/C1 Vox pop
RP writes:
"I find your letter has the most balanced perspective & best overall outlook of those I've read. I too believe the power of prayer with a little faith can work miracles. May your light always shine."


HSL 550 Pg4 C1/Vox pop
D.T. from Wind Gap Penn. reports:
"While visiting my old college, I looked up a former Economics professor & listened in on a lecture. What was he telling the students about? HSL! He got me interested & suggested I write you for a sample."

HSL 549 Pg3 C2/Vox pop
George Byers VP Santa Fe Pacific Gold writes:
"I will confess I've read HSL since my college days whenever a special issue was flagged by my aunt, I'm enclosing check for $1000 for a 4-yr sub to your High-voltage, Sagacious & Learned newsletter. Looking forward to many years of your wisdom & wit."

HSL 548 pg3 C2/Vox pop
So Africa Eskom broker Gary Scallan writes:
"HSL remains the best - & I thank U for your extraordinary grasp of world reality in a sea of other published economic rubbish & meaningless statistics."

Francis Scheuer writes from Spain:
"I would rather be without food than my HSL subscription. The essential HSL. Thank U for your continuing persistence & creativity to improve the life of mankind & and I am sure others love U for that effort".

HSL 547 pg5 C1/Vox pop
Longtime hslm Bea Thompson writes:
"No-one asked me, but I think the world is in one helluva mess & people like U are more important than ever to help conserve assets. Please take care of yourself, we need U."

HSL 546 Pg2 C1/Vox pop
Ronald Dinnick writes:
"You, Mr. Schultz, are one hell of a man. Take care of yourself."


HSL 537 Pg2 C1/Vox
RR writes:
"Dear SuperStar, Anybody can say we're in condition red or green after it has begun. But there are precious few who can predict conditions will be green/red far in advance of the event so that one can prepare for it & buy/sell accordingly. I dare say no one has your track record, altho a few have scored in 1 or 2 areas & they are valuable too. But UR the king, having scored in some 12 areas. U told us to sell real estate several yrs ago when prices were inching to the top & your advice seemed silly to most. Now U cant give property away. Thanks to U I sold my property at the peak! U told us the S&L's wud collapse long ago. I got out & sold short. U said banks would follow ages ago. U turned from a gold bull to a bear soon after the peak 10yrs ago & stayed bearish until recently. U said we were into a depression when most were declaring we're not even in a recession. U turned bearish on the fundamentals of the stk mkts but kept us in a few stocks via stops. U called the turn on the Tokyo mkt closer than anyone I saw. Your HongKong call was out of this world. Your interest rate calls have been excellent, not perfect but nearly. U have been beyond belief in commodity futures advices, scored more direct hits than anyone I saw. Misses were few & small; the hits were big. U called the turn on the currencies better than anyone I read; I made a bomb from your calls, & thanks!!! I should probably send U 1% of my profits but instead I'm writing U this letter which I think U will print & that may be of more value to U than a check from me, as it may make some new/less perceptive readers realize they've got a gold/diamond mine with HSL. I also applaud your political stance, defending out fading freedoms, your tireless assistance to the poor Afghan children, & your new book on helping the world. Considering you are a mere human (I think) & have less than 100% batting average (say 89%) your readers are the luckiest people in the world. My thanks for being there. U are in my prayers. Sincerely RR. (dont print my name; I dont need a tax audit by jealous bureaucrats who may think I've made too much money from HSL)."

HSL 532 pg3 C1/Vox
Old friend Eugene Jackson writes:
"U want to be careful about calling the top&bottom of mkts so accurately. The Senate or SEC will be investigating U."


HSL 524 pg5 C2/Life
Patrick of Canada writes:
"After years of annual HSL renewals I've finally seen the light & now subscribe for a lifetime. Your independent advice is much appreciated, esp as U tell your readers what U believe and not necessarily what they want to hear…As a partner in a national accounting firm in Canada, I find myself often advising clients how to escape from Canada due to ever increasing tax burden. Its time now to listen to my own advice".

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