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Some Rights
December 2007

“Suspending certain rights in a genuine war is tricky. Carte blanche suspension: No! We must retain the basic framework of freedom, while still trying to provide security. U can’t give up freedom or U have lost on both fronts! Non-negotiable are: no torture, right to trial, must be charged, 28 days is excessive to hold someone without charge. • Rights taken away in UK, US & elsewhere must be restored.

“We must not vote key rights in & out to suit the mood of the day; some must stay put. You don’t become safe just by cancelling rights. We are both less free and less safe today than before Iraq. Also, we must apply the Hippocratic Oath of doctors: ‘First, do no harm.’ Take Iraq, Cuba & Burma examples: U don’t go into a nation unless U are reasonably certain U will do more good than harm. In Cuba that was not the case, thanx to JFK. In Iraq also, clearly much harm has been done [The shock&awe bombing pre-invasion insured massive loss of life, with minor gain].”

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