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Ron Paul
December 2007

Ron has received huge grassroot $- support. A vote for Ron is not a wasted vote because all the other candidates are useless, in reform terms. Whereas, a Paul vote is USEFUL to educate the public & broadcast to all that citizens want REAL reform, in every
area of govt. Everyone I know is sending a contribution to Ron. They “know” he can’t win (?), but they want to say they are “mad as hell” at the system & all the participants.

John Fayand tells me volunteer troops are planning a RonPaul fund-smash Boston Tea Party anniversary, Dec 16. Already 20K people have signed up to send a donation on Dec 16 to set another record like Nov 5 record. I’m sure U know Ron stands for a return to the gold standard, abolishing the IRS & the Fed, bringing all the troops home from all 148 military bases around the world, shrinking govt, & restoring the Constitution! No other candidate is for any of these! This must be the 1st time in US history that people will vote for a candidate they think can’t win, but they want their vote to count--to send a loud message that enough is enough. It may be
the last chance to say so! Here are net addresses U may wish to vet: www.ronpaul2008.com


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