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Ronald Reagan
May 2003

Ronald Regan to the rescue! HSL Lifetimer Hslm Bob Dixon suggests I reprint all of HSL473 of 1985!! Says it’s perfect for today. Especially, he says, reprint the outspoken Chartwalk of that issue, which he says is a classic for all time. OK, I’ll reprint it soon as pos. In reading that 1985 HSL I found this page 1 story: “When a US president says the US tax system is ‘ un-American’ that’s from a pretty good authority. Ronald Reagan said that on May 29, 1985. By US taxes are un- American, he means they are inequitable & {in principle} unconstitutional. RR calls for ‘a re-examination of taxes’.” Amen! Americans are still waiting. And I’m still grateful, by the way, for Mr. Reagan’s gift to me of a glass jar of his famed jellybeans, which I still have, cherish & display. He sent it via a White House courier, who refused to open it at British customs, when I lived in London.

Finding this article is a coincidence vs the income tax article elsewhere in today’s HSL. A double coincidence: Ex US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill said on FoxNews on May 1: “ We should reform the tax code. We need a consumption tax.” Exactly right! Providing income taxes are ended of course. What’s needed not only in the US but in every nation is discontinuation of income taxes & substitution of a sales tax. That would be a mega-boost to all economies. O’Neill said, ending income taxes would save $200mil spent on enforcement.

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