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December 2007

No crazy schemes. In those areas where it might be easy (or tempting) to cross the line into what big brother may later define as ‘criminal’, it shines a big red warning light, & illuminates the dividing line betw’n what’s legal & what could be dangerous. The authors include noted tax lawyers & CPAs who think out of the box, & have an int’l PT outlook. Who would benefit from this helfbending 3-volume set of bureaucrat-busting info? Anyone who wants a complete PT resource/reference. Or who wants to know how to internationalise his/her life [needed now as never before, in a 1984 world!]. Or wants to increase his privacy. Or wants to implement bullet- proof asset protection strategies. Or wants to enjoy life, more or less free – legally.” Written by "Grandpa," a real PT. More than a book, it's a course in how PT works. At US$500, some who have read it all (I haven’t yet) say its value is easily $5K, even $50K. Grandpa also offers a free consultation worth $3000+ & money back if not satisfied. To order, contact Grandpa@secureix.com with a copy to NadaAqui@gmail.com

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