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Actions to Take in a Nutshell
May 2003

••Reduce overall stock positions due to whipsaw mkts& wicked volatility, which is pushing risk/reward ratios to undesirable levels. To offset drawdown risk, maintain balanced portfolio’s in both longs&shorts (strongest/weakest sectors only), & take regular profits on all positions &/or use close trailing stops to lock-in shorterm gains. ••Don’t be caught out by US$ bear mkt. Currency weightings in your portfolios can be more important than investments held. Recom HSL currency weightings: US$ 10%, Euro 20%, NorKr/NZ$/DK 50%, GBP 20%. If overweight in US$,
reduce exposure - - some at mkt & some on rally towards 98.30 (basis June Cx). ••US subscribers contact Chuck Butler at Everbank for info on FDIC insured world currency accounts. Contact Chuck via Tel: 1-800-926-4922. Or email: everbankworldmarkets@everbank.com ••Traders can also hedge against US$ depreciation via Prudent Safe Harbor Fund (PSAFX) no-load. Gains from falling US$& rising gold. Buy a bit at mkt, again on 2-dc over 12.00.

• • • • • • • Top Picks of the Month • • • • • •

•• CANADA: Dorel Inds (TSE: DIIB) buy a dip to 41.00 (spec buy at mkt); stop: 36.90. ••GERMANY: Papastratos Cig (Frankfurt: 725283) buy betwn 17.75&18.25 (spec buy at mkt); stop: 16.20. ••LONDON: Scot Power (LSE: SPW) buy small longs at mkt; stop: 349. Buy more at 405.00. ••USA: First Tennessee Nat’l (NYSE: FTN) buy at 42.00 (spec buy at mkt); stop: 37.80. Marvell Tech (Nasdaq: MRVL) buy at 26.00-stop; stop ½ at 22.50, ½ at 21.00. Speculative.

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