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No Opposition
May 2003

A common UK complaint (which applies also to US, Canada, SA & Oz) is the lack of a strong opposition party. IMO, finding a “telegenic candidate” is not the problem. Almost any candidate will do if opposition parties would set a sound agenda for change. In earlier decades, before TV, people voted on the principles of each party’s platform & on speeches they read carefully in the press. Then came TV, sound bites, & presidential/personality style elections where slickness & “debatability” win votes. And now all parties think they must promise the same largess to get votes. U can’t outpromise Blair or Bush, et al. But U can offer the public something all present worldwide incumbents are not offering!

Oh? What might that be? More individual & legal freedoms (at a time when liberties are being slashed & burned)& an income-tax free society (where govt gets its income from sales taxes not illegitimate & unfair graduated income taxes). And in the case of the UK, Britain is being sold down the river to Euro bureaucracy by (Tiny Blur) Blair’s socialist govt (There is Britain & there is Blair, 2 very different entities). Let me quote Christopher Gill, chairman of The Freedom Asso (which Brits should join; Fax 01 242 690 461. Simon@tfaglos.co.uk)

"What a strange irony that the same govt which has dispatched the cream of our armed forces to Iraq to fight for world freedom & democracy, is simultaneously, but rather less ostentatiously, dismantling our own freedom & democracy at a truly alarming & reckless rate.” He adds: “In the desert our troops must cope with danger, heat, & the menace of sand. Here in Britain we are all, metaphorically, having sand thrown in our eyes. Chief sand throwers are Blair& Brown. While Blair shuttles the world in defence of freedom, he is in process of betraying his own country’s liberties/ freedoms by signing up to Economic & Monetary Union, the Euro Arrest Warrant (Corpus Juris) & an EU Constitution, which will sweep away national constitutions & the life blood of our democratic institutions.” •UK needs an Opposition to fight for freedom inside the UK. I hope my UK readers will send this article to everyone they know, especially in the Conservative party. Likewise in other nations, as the principles are the same; individual freedom is dying.

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