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October 2004

Managing your assets is a job you can’t totally delegate. Know-how is your best protection; learn to do-it-yourself. (Abbrev: ST, MT, LT: short-, medium- & long-term). Changes are underlined.
COUNTRY/REGION WEIGHTING: US: 20%; Europe: 25%; Cda: 5%; UK: 15%; Oz/NZ: 12%; Asia: 20%; Latin Amer: 3%.
•5% T-BONDS/NOTES/BILLS: 1-year maturities recommended in NZ, Oz or UK treasuries (govt or govt-backed only).

•10% STOCKS (non-gold’s). Put half in energy stks. Lower to 5-7% if Dow Jones World Index (Index: DJW) makes 2 consecutive day close below 178. Raise to 10-15% if DJW makes 2 consecutive day close over 200.

•5-7% COMMODITIES: via futures & commodity stocks. Conservative investors can buy (Jim) ‘Rogers Int’l Raw Materials Fund, LP’. Contact George Rohrs: Tel (US) 312-264-4360. Email: grohrs@pricegroup.com Offshore (clone) fund available for non-U.S investors (min invest. $100K) via Dundee Leeds Management Services Ltd. E-mail: cayotte@ dundeeleeds.bm Or Fax: (441) 292 2239.

•10-15% TREASURY BILLS: 90-day or equivalent in first world nations. Maximum 25% in US$ T-Bills, 50% in GBP/NZ$/Oz$/CAD$/Euro or equivalent T-Bills, 25% in own/other country (if first world).

•25-35% GOLD STOCKS & BULLION: Lower to 15-20% if COMEX gold sees 2 consecutive day close below 395. To increase profits in gold shares, we recommend trading them with stops, not just holding. Our weeklyGold Charts R Us’ service (GCRU) is available via Net, fax or mail. GCRU offers gold mine charts with specific buy&sell & stops levels for each pick. ***Note: NEW ‘TrendiVestors’ strategy now included for “learner drivers” & less active investors. Via Internet at rate of: 3-mos $300, 6-mos $585, 9-mos $855 & 12-mos $1,110. U can sign up online at: www. hsletter.com (click on ‘Gold Charts R Us’), or subscribe via fax or mail (see page 3 masthead for contact details). Note: Special GCRU ‘2-Week Taster’ offer available at $45 via: http://www.hsletter.com/ GCRUpromo_Special.htmlNew Subscribers only (limited time offer).

•20-35% CURRENCIES: Time Deposits &/or actual cash &/or futures. Recommended longterm currency weightings for your portfolio’s: US$: 15% or less; AUD$/NZ$/CAD$/Sterling/SwKr: 70%; Euro: 15%.

•5-10% BEAR STOCK FUNDS: Prudent Bear Fund (BEARX): if out, buy 2-dc over 6.00; mental stop: 5.36. Rydex Ursa Fund (RYURX): if out, buy 2-dc over 9.70; mental stop: 8.75. Gamblers buy toehold longs on strength. UltraBear Profund Fund (URPSX): if out, buy 2-dc over 25.50; mental stop: 20.95. Gamblers buy small size on strength.


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