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Income Taxes
May 2003

Income Taxes are a violation of human rights in every nation. Always have been. Always will be. They are a govt club over the heads of citizens, without which govt’s control & intimidation power is wonderfully shrunken & govt become the servant, not the master. As was the intention of the US Founding Fathers. Present US tax laws would be in violation of the US Constitution but for the 16th Amendment. Excise & tariffs are better than income taxes. Various govts get needed income, & citizens get freedom to buy, or not buy to pay or avoid excise. Flat taxes are no solution! US functioned via tariffs/excises for most of its life, til 16th Amendment passed, which removed limits of Federal expenditure & started graduated & selective fed taxes, & denied citizens equal protection under the law. Tinkering with the tax code is no solution.

Howard Phillips (US Taxpayer Institute) says: “Constitution framers had it right. Repealing the 16th Amendment would not only give every American a new birth of freedom, it would also provide an extraordinary boost to the US economy & increase every family’s wealth.” It would also set an example for all nations to follow, who have similar tax codes. This would be world freedom. I think Howard has it right. Repealing the 16th Amendment is the best way to win back individual freedom, probably the only way. Says Howard: “To achieve a goal, first we must seek it.” I’ve accepted Howard’s US Taxpayer Institute ad, below, to channel your contributions, if U agree with the goal. Non-Americans should help too, for a new US tax freedom would ring bells globally. A journey of 1000 miles begins with 1-step.

The U.S. Taxpayers Institute (USTI) is working to repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS, & eliminate all direct taxation by the Federal government – – – restore original Constitutional system, deriving necessary revenues from duties, imports, excises,& apportionment among the states, eliminate all Federal programs & expenditures which are not within the delegated, enumerated functions specified in the US Constitution. This is a continuing, long-range project. We will not quit until we succeed. Your tax-deductible gift will help fund needed research, publications, promotions, & limited overhead expenses. Donate by heck or credit card (MC/Visa) to USTI (Attn: Howard Phillips, President), 450 Maple Ave East, Vienna, VA 22180, Fax: 703-281-4108, Email: Helen@conservativeUSA.org.


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