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December 2007

Other studies indicate 140yrs is our body’s designed potential. •••Another source says 17 million Americans die each year from
diseases of life style which means smoking, no exercise, & poor diet. In other words dear reader, we decide how long & how well we will live--at least to the extent we can overcome our environment. ••••Sauerkraut makes for a healthy prostate. Fermented foods like that have many benefits. ••••Magnesium is said to be a cure for
asth ma. And stress is often the cause.

I’m told that cancer feeds on sugar. That’s bad news as I have a sweet tooth (maybe 3 ☺). Many food manufacturers put sugar in their products to make U like it. Read the labels. I never used to, even on medicines. Now I do, learned the hard way. Side effects are everywhere, including from not getting enough sleep. So cut down sugar & get more sleep. ••••Fluoride is poison. But they put it in many city water systems, to kill bugs. It also sedates people, which I hear explains the falling crime rate in LA. Fluoride numbs the mind. People who buy toothpaste with fluoride amaze me. Like dentists who haven’t given up putting mercury (a horrible poison) in dental fillings. There’s a shortage of wisdom, have U noticed? Stock up if U see any for sale ☺. ••••Natural vit D tablets are an essential, IMO, + Omega 3 (fish oil) & vit E. ••••I’m a non-believer in vaccinations for kids or adults. They are a gamble, not a certainty, based on a debateable premise. The y should not be compulsory in schools!

The info-carrying radio waves from cell phones may damage your cell membranes, decrease your intracellular communication by disrupting microtubular connections that allow biophotons to communicate between cells. May increase deposits of heavy metals into your cells, which increases intracellular production of free radicals & can radically decrease cellular production of energy-- making U incredibly fatigued. Cell phone users are also 240% more prone to brain tumours, & a 2004 study found your risk of acoustic neuroma (a tumour on your auditory nerve) was nearly 4 times greater on the side of your head where your phone was mostly held. Try to avoid using mobiles! If U can’t, use the mike/earphones type, so Mob doesn’t touch your head. Separate wired earphone or wireless Bluetooth tech.

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