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October 2004

Fax 702-252.0675. available on line at: www.borders.com) There are many things we can do as we age to improve the quantity & quality of our years. Lee has helped me with that. At a recent meeting in Paris, Lee offered to contribute ideas to HSL now & then on longevity & well-being. Here are his opening thoughts:

The epidemic proportion of vitamin-D deficiency in many adults (Harvard Medical School found low blood levels in more than 40% of a group of 290 consecutive admissions to hospital for any reason), & how these low levels greatly increase
the risk of osteoporosis, prostate cancer, & other cancers. Hslm’s should have their serum vitamin-D levels checked &, if low, should restore them to normal, preferably by about 15 minutes per day of unprotected sun exposure. A less attractive alternative is vitamin-D supplements. Vitamin D-3 (800-1000 IU/day) supplements are readily available but are poorly absorbed. Failing these 2 options, the active form of vitamin-D known as calcitriol (Rocaltrol) is available by prescription only.

In a prospective study of 1300 men in Arizona studied for over 6 years, 200 micrograms of supplemental selenium reduced the incidence of prostate cancer by 60%, while increasing serum selenium levels by 2/3rds. •••Chocolate is actually good for U. Not milk chocolate but dark chocolate--at least 70% cocoa. A large study of male physicians at Harvard showed those with the highest blood levels of stearic acid, the richest source of which is dark chocolate, had reduced chances of getting prostate cancer & the chance of metastases was reduced by 70%! But watch the calories--a few squares/day is sufficient.

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