HSL / Newsletter Sample

HSL Market Predictor
May 2003

HSLP-NYSE: in sharp rally-leg towards top boundary of 10-
mos 1750-1880 trading range. Possible Oct/Mar double bottom & tentative closing break over key 1855 intermediate
resistance (Nov-Jan peaks not yet reached in NYSE Comp),
offers lead signal for continuing upside. Breakout from 1750-
1880 trading range (500 in NYSE) would pave way for significant secondary reaction within major bear mkt via run towards theoretical 2010 upside target (NYSE 600). Bears back in control if rally leg fails to breach 1880 resistance (NYSE500), confirmed by 2-day close below 1840 (NYSE 490).

HSLP-Nasdaq: confirming possible saucer development from Dec 2002 peak in Nasdaq Comp, albeit in a less optimistic manner. Needs sustained close over 1960 resistance in
HSLP-Nasdaq (& 1500 in Nas) to launch next rally-leg for theoretical 2036 HSLP target (Nas 1675). Mini bear cue on 2-dc below 1928, validated by break below 1884. Note: HSLP
charts can be viewed between HSL’s via online mkt updates (see Web Box. Pg 4).

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