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Future Shock

December 2007

•••• Dr. Vernon Coleman’s newest book Oil Apocalypse says “We’re racing toward Peak Oil & our civilisation is reaching its end as a result of the effects. Anyone under 50 will see a world unrecognisable. There will be no cars, buses, planes, or supermkts. The rich will travel by horse/cart. Middle class will bike. The poor will walk. Global warming & terrorism are trivial by comparison. Oil prices will keep rising, never reversing. No other fuel will save us. Oil wars are underway & will increase. $200 & $260 oil coming ere long.” Book avail @ £13 via sue@vernoncoleman.com

“The world consumes 2 barrels of oil for every one discovered”-
Chevron. •••• “However we like to think of ourselves as special in history, in fact industrial societies are subject to the same principles that caused earlier societies to collapse.” Joseph Tainter. •••• “When faced with a terrifying prospect, a common human response is to shut one’s eyes. The loss of civilisation is a frightening prospect that provokes an instinctive desire to become short-sighted, if not completely blind.” –Stephen Leeb The Coming Economic Collapse.

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