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Bank Privacy
December 2007

In HSL662, U warn us: ‘Think twice about any internet financial
service with banks/brokers.’ How do we give orders if phone & email are out? Letters are regularly intercepted by the Royal Mail (on govt authority). What about faxes? But they may see who your bankers are & where. PS: It never amazes me to see how incredibly far-sighted U are: Many moons ago U predicted the CAD$ would be on par with the US$. So I quickly sold my US$’s @ 1.26. What a win dfall it proved to be!! –Thanks a trillion.”

My reply: the answers are easy: use faxes for orders & replies. Use slightly coded messages & maybe use strike through for some parts of text if not all. Be sure U don’t have any ID on top of your fax. No name, numbers, date. And demand your people on the other end have no ID on their Fax!! All Swiss banks have no-ID faxes along with ID-faxes. Make the rules & ask them to cooperate. Use agreed pen names, not yours. •• All this is for privacy not cheating. Privacy is a right! •• Never use email; it will blow your cover. Use snail mail sometimes. Post is only rarely vetted, but use same code in mail. Don’t use phone, or if so, not from home; use paybox. This sounds complex, but once set up, works like a Swiss watch ☺. Ask banks to mail to U in plain envelopes without their name/address. Or hold mail til U go get. Or sent to a mail drop (best). They’ll understand. Claim your rights!

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