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Bank Nightmares
December 2007

•J.P. Morgan Chase ($70billion), Citibank ($30billion), Bank of America ($28billion), HSBC Bank ($5billion), Wachovia Bank ($5billion), Bank Of New York, Wells Fargo Bank, State Street Bank & Trust Co., PNC Bank National, Sun Trust Bank, Mellon Bank, National City Bank, Northern Trust Company, Key Bank, LaSalle Bank, National U.S.Bank, Merrill Lynch Bank, Branch Banking & Trust Co., Regions Bank, Fifth Third Bank, First Tennessee Bank, Deutsche Bank Trust Co, Union Bank of California, Capital One Bank, Lehman Brothers Bank. -- Note
only 1 European bank & no Swiss banks on this list. This isn’t a complete list, only top 25 revealed so far. If your bank isn’t on it, ask them re their exposure. U may startle them. Disclaimer: This bank list is from Walter Burien at Rense.com or http://www.rense.com. Thanks for the wakeup call, Walter.


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