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October 2004

[establishment] bureaucrats, not Republicans, neocons, Democrats or liberals, to achieve what could not be achieved in normal times. I wonder how German Jews failed to understand the consequences of the rise of the 3rd Reich. This is not a political commentary as I see no change in present trends whoever becomes president. But ask yourself where this is going as US & other world citizens exchange their hardwon
freedoms for some perceived yet illusionary protection.

“It is illusionary because a trained killer can accomplish his deeds regardless of obstacles. Internal visas could easily be gotten by professionals. No airline profile or FBI sketch can stop a dirty bomb. No nitwit airport groper will stop weapon carrying. Privacy is gone & that is the key element of a free society. An un-free society requires the absence of privacy rights combined with the suppression of dissent. The latter was evident in the standby NY ‘holding camp’ during the Republican convention. Should the lady interrupting Mrs Bush’s speech be prosecuted? It memorializes suppression of dissent. Are U all blind to what is in front of your eyes? It is not GOP or Dem. U can’t fight a concept militarily. Terrorism as a concept has for its victory the destruction of our freedoms. Russia & China have turned internally to gold. So will the US as our financial future dissolves into plastic money [which puts bureaucrats in control]. No more written checks & a totally cashless society is what’s ahead. The US$ turned terminal as a reserve currency Sept 7, 04 at a meeting of surviving founders of one of Europe’s wealthiest families. Gold entered the dawn of its supremacy that will last the lifetime of U who read this.

“It doesn’t matter who wins the US presidency as the Homeland Security grows to protect freedom until there is none left. Study 3rd Reich history & replace the persecuted Jews with the word terrorism. U say it’s different? Was the thesis of the holocaust not sold to the German public as their protection from an illusionary enemy? In principle it’s the same tactic in modern dress.” Thanks Jim for a stalwart contribution to individual liberty. On the heels of this leak of internal US passports (read visa) comes news via NYT that US security officials plan to begin screening airline passengers on internal flights. Handcuffs for all. Freedoms were shrinking before, but now that pace has escalated. Very little left in the US. I hope the non-US majority of world will be aghast & not let it spread outside US borders beyond what has already occurred. If they do, they share the guilt of liberty/privacy destruction.

•••A letter from Hslm c.anon says: “I got this letter from a Euro bank manager: ‘I regret we can no longer offer U banking services. Recent changes in our procedures, mainly as a result of the US Patriot Act, preclude us from maintaining accounts for American nationals. I am not able to recommend another bank for U. I suspect most are in a similar position as ourselves’.”
Americans are being locked in & locked out. •••How callous are bureaucrats? Are U just cattle to them? Read this from a 1963 US Federal Reserve System planning document:“If a third or more of our population were killed in an attack (a conservative estimate by the standards of the Rand Corporation's‘Study of Nonmilitary Defense’) a stronger [higher] estate tax would have a tremendous revenue potential.”

•••The gates are closing, for residents (& visitors) who want to leave the US. If anyone has a claim on any US resident or visitor, that person can be prevented from leaving. For details see US Biometric Entry & Exit Program summary by Michael Pastore: Aug 5, 04: Millions of foreign visitors have now been processed. Hundreds of criminals, tax evaders, political activists, troublemakers, anti-govt protesters, judgment debtors, suspects” (anyone), people out on bail, witnesses, fathers behind on child support, & immigration/ visa violators have either been apprehended or prevented from entering or leaving the US. Dept of Homeland Security is expanding a pilot for US-Visit program that requires visitors to use a biometric identifier to "check out" of the US when leaving. After Sept. 30, 2004, visitors traveling via VisaWaiver Program. All visitors may be required to present a receipt at departure gate to confirm they checked out at the exit kiosk.•••Losing liberty is easy. Winning it back is almost impossible. Thank US Congress for losing it, via the panicky parrot Patriot Act. No excuses accepted.

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