Other Books by Harry Schultz (Not in Print)

BEAR MARKETS  How to Survive & Make Money in Them   Prentice Hall, 1964 (hardback, 8 printings)
A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom   Investor's Press
The International Monetary Muddle 1969  (mini-book)
Handbook for Using & Understanding Swiss Banks  1970 (booklet)
Inflation and Inflation Hedges  1970 (booklet)
What the Prudent Investor Should Know about Switzerland & Foreign Money Havens  Arlington House, 1970 (hardback)
Rules For Being a Flexible Investor &/or Trader   (booklet)
THE DOLLAR DEVALUATION—Mechanics and Timing   1971
Panics and Crashes   Arlington House/Pinnacle Books/Books in Focus 1972, 1980, 1982, plus 3 revised editions (hardback/paperback)
You and Gold  1973 (mini-book)
Financial Tactics & Terms for the Sophisticated International Investor   Harper & Row, 1975 (hardback)
How Experts Buy & Sell Gold Bullion/Stocks/Coins (with James Sinclair)  Harper & Row, 1975 (hardback)
How You Can Profit from Gold  1975 (mini-book)
Diccionario de finanzas y tacticas financieras  (Spanish) Logos Consorcio Editorial, S.A. 1977 (printed in Mexico)
1000 Days of Freedom? (with Dawn Schultz)  1980
Harry Schultz's Bear Market Investment Strategies  Dow Jones Irwin, 1981 (hardback)
Financial Opportunities in the Orient (with Charles Grayson & Dawn Schultz)  1981 (hardback)
What I Know About Women & Hunting (contains 32 blank pages)