"Harry Schultz publishes what is widely regarded as the world's No. 1 newsletter."
                       -Tom Anderson,
                        one-time candidate for US Presidency,
                        publisher American Way Features news syndicate,                         author Straight Talk newsletter


"Harry Schultz writes the most original and inspirational letter of all. I love it. HSL is in its 36th year - which says a lot. Harry has always been an internationalist, loves charts and is a very shrewd analyst and market player. He is also a maverick who stands well above the crowd of conventional thinkers. HSL is actually more of an ecosystem than a newsletter, with something to interest, inform or startle everyone. I've learned a lot from HSL over the years and I recommend it."    
                        - David Fuller,
                          Fuller Money/Chart Analysis, London

"HSL may be the best, most comprehensive financial, investment, geopolitical newsletter in the world. Harry Schultz has been a mentor to a multitude of conservative, traditionalist, constitutionalist, patriotic Americans (including this writer) over the past 35 years. He can justifiably be called the 'father of the hard money movement.' Harry's newsletter covers the waterfront of international financial and political developments, and is loaded with wise insights, excellent investment advice, and very timely suggestions on how to 'get out of harm's way,' and protect your family and yourself from attacks on your finances and freedom. Harry has an incredible ability to 'shrink the world' so that in unstable, incredibly fast moving times, it can be understood. HSL is more widely read and respected around the world than any American newsletter this writer knows of. And Harry has a great sense of humor as well, which we are going to need in the difficult days which lie ahead. If you can subscribe to only one other newsletter, make it the Harry Schultz Letter." 
                       - Don McAlvany,
                         The McAvany Intelligence Advisor

"HSL is incredible! I don't know how he does it. I've followed Harry for 25 years and his insight is more vital and profitable today than it has ever been. It's in a class of its own. Get it!"
                        - Larry Abraham
                          Insider Report

"As a financial strategist and freethinker, Harry has no peer. I'm into my third decade as one of his subscribers. His newsletter is a must for all investors."
                        - Kenneth Gerbino
                          Investment Management

"For a TRULY unique approach to the world and its markets, you ought to try the exciting HSL."
                         - John Piper
                           The Technical Trader, London

"HSL is a favorite of mine.  It zeros in on political and monetary targets with a laser beam of analysis, as well as giving great financial advice."  
                         - Howard Philips
                          1992 USTA Candidate US Presidency