Harry Schultz Letter
December 9, 2007


Big Picture
Dear family, It's human nature to be optimistic, but at times that's foolish. This is one of those times. A financial tsunami is upon us. What’s been (reluctantly) revealed to us so far is only chapter one. Iceberg tip. There’s so much to cover that conclusions are more useful than reports of individual disasters. 1. We are well into a recession, begun 18mos ago. It’s been hidden by govt index data. 2. We’re also into Stagflation—the most confusing & leastliked condition. Means economies stagnate while some sector prices rise sharply. Inflation numbers continue to
be intentionally distorted by all govts to save on pensions & index-linked payments, robbing citizens blind.  

We continue our shocking revelations of US tax system history by tax expert, author, friend Marshall Langer: Part I ended with: “Justice McKenna was a career politician who had never attended law school, but had served as Attorney General & took a few law courses after he was appointed to the Supreme Court.”  more
When Ron Paul
began his campaign for president we all said: good, because he will get the message out, but of course, he can’t win. Yet, suddenly there is a very faint chance he could, or at least gain such big support the other candidates
in both parties (all the leaders are insider-controlled) will realize the country is rebellious—fed up with gutless politics as usual!  more
Currency Controls
suddenly loom, on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US it’s being privately considered to stop money flowing out. In Europe it’s being not so secretly discussed to stop US$’s from flowing in! Amazing! If both events happen it would, for example, prevent Americans from sending $’s to open (or add to) a European bank account & EU would refuse to accept it anyway. Currency
controls (FXC) are no stranger.  more
A Thailand MD & nutritionist told Ed Lee who told me that we are all designed to last 120 years, but contaminants, free radicals, pollution, excess sugar, pesticides, & so forth, attack us & bring down our life spans. We can increase our life span (& the quality of our life) in direct ratio to how well we fight clear of all contaminations. more
Some Rights
must be preserved no matter what! So said political activist Amitai Etzioni on Hard Talk TV BBC Oct 16. She’s right, of course. “We must oppose arbitrary detention whether by foreign terrorists or one’s own govt.” Especially the latter, IMO. more
Bank Privacy
Reader Jean Richard writes: “As U know, total spying on UK citizens has been passed into law, meaning 798 official govt entities & quangoes can/will demand full transcripts on ANY phone call made from the UK. I’m not the only UK resident with funds off-shore which is now a dangerous position when it comes to placing orders with offshore bankers with this new Nazi-style people control.. . . more

(we need a light touch here, amid the mortgage/ credit morass ☺) I escaped my keyboard& fled to Paris for a break. What irony that 14 days later we’d flee Paris to escape the transit strikers’ blockages & violence. The French public didn’t support the unions’ strike, a nice rarity. Rail workers can retire at 50, which Sarkozy wants to change. 70% of French don’t have such a charity ride, so Mr.S. will succeed in reforms.  more


Future Shock
(This is our way-out corner) Forecaster Arch Crawford says the astro birth chart of the USA goes retrograde (Mars) for the 1st time ever. Means “US as a military power ends, is destroyed, in [from?] Jan 08.” •••• Preferred- anon source says “China will send troops to Afghanistan for a takeover & takeaway of oil betw’n 2008 & 2012.” more


1984It’s amazing. The US Declaration of Independence was written a long time ago. But if U read it THIS way, it sounds like it was written recently. And if U study the words via Greg Evensen’s (of News- WithViews) emphasis, they take on a meaning that rings bells for today. For all nations. He says: “There can be absolutely no mistake when U read these compelling words from the Declaration of Independence. The founders had it absolutely right, they knew precisely what they were writing, & meant exactly what they wro te. It follows, with my emphasis:”  more

Ace journalist (MarketWatch) Peter Brimelow writes “The Gartman Letter, not at all a gold bug service, but thought to reflect key hedge funds’ rekindled
interest in gold, sold half its holdings yesterday (10/17). But Gartman is a nervous [in/out] trader. Nevertheless, for the longer term, the gold bug faction lead by Bill Murphy's LeMetropole Cafe Website is cockahoop. more
over-reach. David Cameron, UK Conservative Party leader, has sounded the alarm for Europe, the UK & most of the world. Cameron targeted UK's Labour govt & European Union bureaucrats as "enemies of freedom," in a speech in the Czech Republic. He attacked them saying they are preparing "a renewed assault on our liberty& must be derailed."  more
Bank Nightmares
(theirs & yours). They aren’t sleeping well & neither will U if U find your bank is on this list. It’s the top 25 derivative-bearing banks, in order of the $ amount
of derivatives they have in bed with them, embedded. Derivatives are the great unknown, the non-transparent side of credit & banking. Things are usually not marked to market because there is no mkt for most derivatives. And who will be on the other side of them? Your bank is on one side, but whom on the other? They often wonder. more
Tid Bits
Congrats to CNN & Christiane Amanpour for their exposé documentary of Czar Putin’s dictatorship. He holds power partly by claiming US has plan to attack Russia, solidifying his public; he needs an enemy. His Putin Youth are akin to Hitler Youth. •••• TV says Bank Bunko announced “a $4bil writedown. But, it wasn’t as bad as expected.”  more

Here’s a 2006 PT book review from Sovereign Life: “ByeBye Big Brother is not about tax evasion or any illegal tricks, as PT strategy does not require this.
On the contrary, as the consummate PT strategy manual, it stays on the straight & narrow PT path.  more


World Markets Analysis
Note 1: Apply our trailing stop strategy to lock in shorterm profits on all positions. Exit at mkt if trends turn sharply against you. Don’t wait for stop levels to be hit. 1, 2-day close entry levels should be changed to mkt orders if intraday run-away action develops. Note 2: Where short selling (S/S) is
not possible, use our guidelines to aid U in determining price levels for simply selling, & our S/S stops as buying levels. TPS= Trailing Profit Stop.

CanadaCanada: Per HSL662, exited longs at breakeven (or better). Traders then sold short at 13,459. Cover at mkt. Slim bull wedge & breakout. Gamblers buy bit at mkt &/or if dips to 13,460; sell ½ at 14,090, ½ at 14,360. Sell, or sell short on 2-dc below 13,125; stop: 2-dc over 13,52 5; cover ½ at 12,430, &/or trailing stop downside.. more

HSL Investment Box
Managing your assets is a job you can’t totally delegate. Know-how is your best protection; learn to do-it-yourself. (Abbrev: ST, MT, LT: short-, medium- & long-term). Changes are underlined. COUNTRY/REGION WEIGHTING: US: 18%; Europe: 20%; Cda: 15%; UK: 10%; Oz/NZ: 12%; Asia: 22%; Latin Amer: 3%.  more
Uncle Notes:
Ron Paul was asked: Do U think we could see currency or capital controls being implemented? RP: “History shows that govts tend to react to economic crises by increasing govt control over the free-market, so, yes it is quite possible the US Govt will respond to an economic downturn with currency & capital controls.” Dear Reader, U must assume these controls are coming; move funds now; next wk may be too late..  more
In today’s monetary mess, we need a lot of laughs to brighten up. Here’s
my contribution: Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, & the other is a husband. •••• A Polish immigrant went to apply for a driver's license. Of course, he had to take an eye test. The optician showed him a card with the letters: 'C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.' "Can you read this?" the optician asked. "Read it?" the Polish ma n replied, "I know the guy!”  more

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